The benefits of Laughter


Well They say laughter is the best medicine, and most of you know this first hand!! When you randomly and intentionally laugh, Your “happy” Vibration rubs off onto others around you. The more happy people in this world the healthier we will all be, especially knowing that our moods and temperaments create a ripple effect!

This has been common Knowledge that dates back from the ancient times where there were actual laughing rituals and theatre, full of humour to provoke laughter, to bring the audience together and provide an emotional outlet.

Not only does the act of laughing make you feel good, It actually vibrates our body to a cellular lever, Stopping the release of the “Stress” hormone, creating a harmonious environment for your immune system to flourish and fight off disease and infection.

Regular laughing fits enhances creativity, helps lower blood pressure, gives your ABs a workout, may increase your memory and alertness, and the list goes on!! Make your friends and family laugh too, and Kids are especially easy to make laugh, and are more prone to infection, especially in the early years!!

There are many laughing groups around you can join, and its a great way to bond and make new friendships. However, you can just start at home by yourself or with family and friends and just visualise or think of a funny event in your life!! I think about how ridiculous I look in other people’s eyes, and the fact that some people are embarrassed for me and i find that so funny it just cracks me up!! I don’t care what I look like, I just love trying to get people out of their comfort zone!

So Give it a go!! Try and laugh everyday, crack a joke, and see the humorous and funny side to life, and watch your health and life transform!!


Another Funny!! me randomly being a robot on the whale watching boat!

Life Is GOOD!!

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